NextStage is the new avatar of Portrait Publishing Pvt. Ltd., an end-to-end solutions and services provider for publishers and can oversee your traditional and digital production needs to ensure your products can get to market on time and on budget.

We at NextStage, with two decades of industry experience are keen to partner with our clients.

This partnership will mean we become an extension of your editorial and or production departments. NextStage offers highly skilled employees who can help at any stage of the clients workflow. We are well equipped to work on projects ranging from simple to very complex that cover a wide range of subject matters.


NextStage in its previous avatar was established in 1997 as a content development organization, during which time NextStage has helped create content for some of the leading publishers across the globe.

NextStage is a complete content service provider creating content across all categories and age groups. The services begin right from the concept stage till the final product is packaged for print or as an eBook.

These services include content writing, illustrating, colouring, photo editing and photo manipulation, page layout design, pagination, editing and proofing, digital conversion, developing interactive content, providing 2D animation and coding in Flash AS3 and HTML5, CSS3, javascript.


We understand the clients work with existing platforms and certain systems. We at NextStage accept the challenges in adopting these systems and work with the client within these environments. We could however bring in new technologies and platforms, if the client so desires.

Why NextStage?
  • We become an extension of your editorial and or production departments offering highly skilled employees that can help at any stage of the workflow with a strong emphasis on process review and improvement.
  • Our engagement staff are located in strategic geographic locations across the globe to ensure we can work closely with your teams no matter where they might be.
  • We provide a high value product focusing on higher quality to meet and/or exceed our client’s expectations for delivery and cost-effectiveness.
  • Decades of off-shore experience